Water Mitigation

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Keep you basement dry!

It is important to keep your home or business dry to preserve the value of your important asset; and at All-Pro-Painting we specialize in all types of water mitigation systems, which include:

  • basement and below-grade sealing
  • deck coatings
  • under tile waterproofing

All-Pro-Painting is known and respected for providing reliable, professional, and affordable work.

My basement is damp. Are there cost-effective solutions?

Water mitigation is a crucial step to prevent further damage such as:

  • cracked and/or buckled basement walls
  • cracked foundation brick
  • uneven or sloped floors
  • dangerous mold, rot and insect damage

We understand the need to assess your unique situation and provide sound advice on just want needs to be done. In many cases, a concrete application may be all your floor or basement walls need.

We check material characteristics (e.g. permeability) before providing both short and long-term options that are both functional and affordable.

What if the moisture problem in my home is extensive?

On occasion there are homes that require more than just a concrete application to keep the water away. No worries. Although All-Pro Painting has a focus on providing many surface solutions, our 5-star, award-winning parent company – Halvorson-Mason – can handle whatever issue comes our way – with much more affordable options than one would expect.

We’ll get our experts to evaluate your situation and provide options that are transparent and honest, without any hype.

Water Mitigation in Basements/Floors/Walls

Keep your house safe from mold, rot & insects!

Keep mold, rot, and bugs from destroying your home by using All-Pro Painting custom solutions for moisture mitigation.