Exterior Protective & Beautifying Stain


Quality Patio and Deck Staining


Natural wood is a beauty beyond compare. The rich complexity of various wood grains adds a look of permanence and warmth. These natural materials require extra care to keep them protected and looking their best. It is important to choose the right stain for your surface. All-Pro Painting staff has had 40+ years of experience in beautifying and providing durable protection to the wood and concrete surfaces found on the exterior of your home.

  • Siding & Trim
  • Deck & Porch
  • Walkway, Patio & Driveway

We also provide stain for concrete surfaces such as:

  • Walkways and Patios
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Driveways

How should I plan for my staining project?

The planning stage of a staining project lines the project up for success. Choosing the right color stain and providing durable protection for your surface is our greatest goal.

Our painting specialists and our partners at Sherwin-Williams can help you through this process.

What types of exterior wood stain are available?

We provide various types of stain that provide maximum durability and wood protection — guaranteed.  Our high-quality products protects and enriches wood’s natural texture and grain.

Solid Color Stains

Solid colors help to cover up wood blemishes or unsightly grain. We use long-lasting solid color stain – backed by an 8-year warranty – that penetrates wood to protect against water damage and deterioration and eliminates exterior coating problems, such as blistering, peeling and cracking.

Semi-Transparent Stains

Semi-transparent stain bring out the beauty of wood exteriors , which enriches and highlights the wood’s natural texture and grain. Semi-transparent stains – carry a 5-year guarantee – and protects the wood’s surface.

What types of concrete stain are available?

Our team fully prepares your concrete surfaces before application by:

  • Remove all old, peeling, flaking paint
  • Rough the surface to ensure proper adhesion of stain
  • Testing surface
Quality Concrete and Wood Stains
Color Selection to Perfection

Beautiful, long lasting stains will help protect your wood and concrete surfaces.